Demand for Housing is High in Evanston as More People Discover This Gem

Demand for Housing is High in Evanston as More People Discover This Gem Main Photo

18 Jun 2024


Uinta County, Wyoming has a population of more than 20,000, with 12,000 of those residents living in Evanston. The city continues to evolve and grow as more people discover Wyoming and choose to move here. While these changes are exciting, they also come with uncomfortable growing pains. Currently, demand for housing is high in the region, and the City of Evanston is working to keep up with the needs of residents.

“We are thrilled that so many people want to live in Evanston and put down roots by becoming homeowners,” says Rocco O'Neill, Director of Community and Economic Development for the City of Evanston. “Our job is to make sure they have someplace to live with fair housing costs, access to entertainment, and reasonable commute times.”

During National Homeownership Month in June, learn why Evanston is such a desirable place to live and the housing initiatives in place to support new residents. 

Evanston Has Lower Housing Costs Than Most of the Country

Housing is a significant pain point for many Americans, which is why more people are relocating to lower-cost-of-living areas. The average home price in the United States is $358,734, a 4.3% increase year-over-year. The average home price in Evanston is $283,046, with only a 2.2% increase year-over-year. This is a significant difference for first-time homebuyers and families who are on a budget. Homeownership can be a reality for people who live in Evanston.

The affordability in Evanston is even more pronounced when you look at nearby Salt Lake City, which is only an hour away. The average home price in Salt Lake City is $560,696, significantly higher than the national average. More people are drawn to Evanston when they are priced out of Utah.

“Our housing costs provide opportunities for new residents to become homeowners,” says O'Neill. “But they also highlight how Evanston can be an affordable place to live, play, and commute from.”

Despite its population of 12,000 residents within city limits, Evanston has a labor pool of 800,000 within a 75-mile radius with more people expanding their home and job searches into Wyoming every day.  

Evanston Offers a Comfortable Quality of Life

Affordability isn’t the only reason why housing demand is high in Evanston. People seek out this town because it is a fun place to live with a vibrant community. The arts and culture scene hosts several events each year with live performances, art exhibits, and celebrations of different peoples. There are also endless opportunities to get outside, whether you enjoy hiking, fishing, hunting, birdwatching, or riding around on ATVs.  

“Moving to Evanston is easy because you can find your people and make friends quickly,” says O'Neill. “Whether you join a mountain biking club or volunteer with one of our awesome non-profits, there is a community ready to welcome you.”

A great place to start with volunteering is the Evanston Youth Club, which always needs people to bring fun activities and learning opportunities to kids in the area.  

The City of Evanston is Bringing Additional Housing to Residents

Evanston is primarily made up of homeowners, with 74.1% of people owning their homes and 25.9% of people renting. With so many existing and new residents trying to buy, housing inventory is tight. This is a challenge that the city is aware of and looking to address.

“We hear you,” says O'Neill. “We know that there is a need to build more homes and accommodate different lifestyles. Housing is a significant economic development focus for our team this year.”

One solution is the Smart Dwellings project in Evanston. It will bring 150 new homes to southwest Wyoming and use advanced technology to make them sustainable and smart. 

Discover Why So Many People Are Buying Homes in Evanston

Many people arrive in Evanston as tourists or short-term residents, only to fall in love with this town. If you haven’t been to Evanston yet, it’s worth a visit. You can see why the demand for housing is high and why so many people want to raise their families in Uinta County. Business owners also have a strong community to hire from as many people have established long-term roots in the region. Explore Evanston today.