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6 Oct 2023


One of the most critical components of Economic Development is affordable housing. In southwest Wyoming, the future is looking bright! Over the next five years, several high-profile construction projects are set to move forward. Just 40 miles north of town, the nation's first advanced nuclear reactor will be constructed by TerraPower. With this exciting project comes hundreds, if not thousands, of new construction jobs. Smart Dwellings, a locally owned home builder, has held firm to its belief that rural housing can be both affordable for the customer and profitable for the business. In the last decade, Smart Dwellings has built more than 150 new homes in southwest Wyoming. Their business hasn’t slowed down, and their prices are downright affordable. 

What does Smart Dwellings offer its customers?

"What makes Smart Dwellings smart?" 

Then there's the follow-up: "Do you guys build like "smart" homes with a bunch of technology like the Jetsons or something?"  Hmm... well, not exactly. However, we think you'll agree that there ARE many smart reasons to choose Smart Dwellings as your new home builder! 

Let's put a few in bullet form, shall we?

Smart Spaces

We do our darndest to eliminate the dead spaces often seen in older floor plans - we want every square foot of your home to be functional and beautiful! We make every effort to provide great in-house storage solutions like decent-sized laundry rooms, closets, and kitchen pantries. 

Smart Decisions

Making your home's color and product selections is easy, with designer looks to get you started, an in-house designer to consult, and an entire design center dedicated to helping you see all the products side-by-side under the same lighting. It's not overwhelming, it's FUN!

Smart Homeowners

Owning a home comes with many responsibilities you may not have had before, but don't worry, because we have a Smart Dwellings Orientation meeting to help you know exactly how and when to care for your home systems. We are always just a text or email away long after you move in, so if you forget, just ask!

Smart Processes

We are constantly refining our processes to best serve you, the community, our vendors, and our team. That includes having organized systems and full transparency as we work together to promptly complete your new home to the highest standards. 

Smart App

Yes indeed, everything on the website and more can be found on the Smart Dwellings app, powered by NoviHome. It is here where you can see and store all your home-in-progress photos, updates, videos, and documents. It's also a communication tool where you can directly reach everyone on your home-building team and get answers to any questions you might have. Give us a jingle and we'll get you a personalized link! 

Smart Guarantee

We are so confident that we can build your home in under a year that we guarantee it

Smart Warranty

With a Smart Dwellings home, your 10-year Quality Builder Warranty is backed by Liberty Mutual for peace of mind! We aim for a proactive approach, with periodic check-ins during that first year of home ownership by our in-house warranty team. 

Smart Personalization

Have you tried one of our interactive floor plans? It's our signature online tool that allows you to make structural changes to the drafting of your home in real-time and see what it will look like. In addition, with the furniture tools, you can envision how your china hutch would fit on the side of that dining room, or test out how much space there is in the garage for your 4-wheeler. Custom dimensions can be set and notes can be added for clarity. Save it and voila! We both get a copy of it in our inbox and we can hit the ground running when you come in for your first appointment. 

Smart Techniques

Every detail of building a Smart Dwellings home has been carefully researched. Justin and his crew do incredible things to combine science, engineering, and skilled craftsmanship. There's material here for a whole slew of blog posts, but just know that if you see something being done a little differently in a Smart Dwellings home, that is a GOOD thing for you! Every small adjustment they make is to increase the comfort, strength, beauty/durability of your home.  

Smart Employees

Not only do we have a great team here, we invest in our people with continuing education, resources they need to progress, and professional training. 

Smart Products

Only the highest quality homebuilding materials are used in our homes, nearly all of which have excellent individual warranties. We do not waste your time and money on products that don't stand the test of time. 

Smart Updates

When you build a Smart Dwellings home, you get updates every week - including pictures!! Love them, save them, share them! They are all in one place for you so you can watch your home being built week by week. 

Smart Values

We are legitimately interested in a win-win world, where we support one another and continually seek to improve as we go along. We are in this for you, our community, and our families. 

All that being said,

If someone wanted the gadgets and gizmos aplenty, the solar panels and smartphone-controlled toilet flushers, and more... we'd be happy to build a great home for them too. But, I hope you'll agree that the smartest part about a Smart Dwellings home isn't found in CAT-5 cables or energy-star appliances, though we do offer those. What we bring to the table that truly makes Smart Dwellings smart is a delightful new home experience from the first golden shovelful of dirt to long after you've moved in.

If you have more questions about Smart Dwellings, or building a new home in Evanston. You can visit