Cost of Living in Evanston

The low cost of living in Evanston and Uinta County makes it attractive for those wishing to live on the Wasatch Front, near Salt Lake City, but without the high cost. One of the clear savings comes from the fact that Wyoming has no personal or corporate income tax. In addition, the housing cost in Evanston is only 84% of the national average, with an average home price of $195,700. By comparison the average home in Salt Lake City costs $392,000 and in Provo homes cost an average of $306,900.

Easy Access for Residents and Businesses

Evanston offers access to the same amenities as other Wasatch Front communities, but instead of having a cost of living that is higher than the national average, Evanston’s cost of living is ten percent below the national average. As a result, families have more money to spend on things they enjoy. Plus, if you need a bigger house or more land, it’s more affordable to buy here.

Affordable Commercial Property Near Salt Lake City

Businesses benefit from Evanston’s low cost of living as well. From entry level to executives – employees can afford to live here. In addition, Evanston offers the opportunity to own commercial property in Wyoming at a fraction of what it costs in nearby Salt Lake City.