About Evanston Economic Development

Evanston is the next frontier on the Wasatch Front, ready for growth and primed for development with available commercial property near Salt Lake City. The City of Evanston and Uinta County Economic Development are here to provide assistance to existing businesses, along with site selectors, executives and developers looking to grow in the county. 

Destination for Local Resources and Support

As an organization, we provide interested parties with information, data, resources and direct support. This includes project management assistance and helping to ensure that permits and licenses can be obtained in a timely manner. We also assist businesses by providing direct support with site selection.

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Aerospace Parts Manufacturing 

Aerospace is one of the fastest growing industries on the Wasatch Front with over 6,500 workers in Utah alone. Companies locating here have access to Evanston Carbon and no corporate income tax. Aerospace companies looking for commercial property in Wyoming will find that Evanston is an ideal place to locate.

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Back Office & Support Services 

Companies located in Salt Lake, and throughout the U.S., can save money by basing their back office operations in Evanston where space is affordable and there is no corporate income tax. 

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Blockchain Processing Facilities

Wyoming has the most pro-blockchain legislative environment in the United States. Blockchain companies benefit from no corporate income tax and access to Salt Lake City International Airport. 

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Downstream Chemical Products Manufacturing

Access to raw materials, strong transportation lines and a large chemical products manufacturing cluster makes Uinta County an ideal place for companies to grow. 

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Healthcare Services & Back Office Support 

Evanston and Uinta County have a strong healthcare ecosystem. Healthcare companies can base their back office operations in Evanston to reduce their overhead costs.

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Firearms & Ammunition Manufacturing 

Employment within firearms manufacturing has grown by 300% in Wyoming. High national demand is driving an industry that has strong support in Wyoming.

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Mining Machinery, Oil & Gas Manufacturing 

Wyoming ranked 3rd in the United States in total energy production, including 1st in the United States in coal production, 7th in crude oil production, and 8th in natural gas production. Businesses supporting this industry also do well in Wyoming.

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Wind Turbine Manufacturing

Wind energy is booming in Wyoming due to recent and planned installations of major power plants, including several in Uinta County.

In addition, we connect businesses with local resources, financing solutions, local incentives, and serve as a liaison with the Wyoming Business Council and the incentives they provide.

Contact us for information, assistance, and to discover the advantages of growing a business in Evanston and Uinta County. We are here to support site selectors, executives and existing businesses as they search for commercial property in Wyoming or look to expand their company locally.