The Evanston Youth Club Helps Kids Reach Their Full Potential Through Its Volunteers

The Evanston Youth Club Helps Kids Reach Their Full Potential Through Its Volunteers Main Photo

10 Apr 2024

One of the best parts of living in Evanston, Wyoming is how engaged the community is. There are dozens of organizations where individuals and businesses can volunteer their time and skills to support their neighbors in need. From local nature clean-ups to animal fostering, there’s something for everyone.

“Evanston is a wonderful place to live because everyone cares about each other,” says Rocco O'Neill, Director of Community and Economic Development for the City of Evanston. “New residents can easily make friends by joining volunteer groups and supporting the community they just moved to.”

Anyone looking to get involved in the community can start with the Evanston Youth Club for Boys & Girls. This organization creates a safe and positive place for young people to learn, explore, and grow. To celebrate National Volunteer Month in April, learn more about the Evanston Youth Club and how it benefits the region as a whole. 

Volunteers Help Kids Learn Their Place in the Community

Kids are molded by their peers and the adults that they interact with. The Evanston Youth Club provides unique experiences and learning opportunities to local youth so they can discover different cultures, hobbies, and career paths available to them.

“The volunteers who work with our teenage club members are absolutely the best,” says Holly West, CEO of the Evanston Youth Club. “It is powerful for our youth to have connections with a lot of people that they then see in the community. It is really like a village.”

West shared a few examples of community members offering support and education. The organization has worked with nutritionists to teach healthy eating habits, boxing coaches, artists, and photographers who have taught classes. “They are incredible people who truly are giving back, even with their busy schedules,” she says.

Simple activities, like learning about food portions or holding a camera for the first time, can make an impact on kids and help them discover passions that change their futures. 

Individuals and Businesses Can Get Involved 

Individuals don’t need any special skills or training to make a difference. Anyone interested in working with the Evanston Youth Club can meet with West and her team to discuss their interests and find volunteer opportunities that are a good fit for them. Businesses can also support this group in a variety of ways.

“From donations, to time, to resources, it all helps,” says West. “We've had businesses come and deliver food and snacks, or volunteer during our Back to School Event, or donate gas cards so that we can safely transport kids to and from our programs.”

West shared an example of a religious organization that organized a day of service with the Evanston Youth Club. More than 100 volunteers spent five hours improving the facility. They installed a turf field, put together a greenhouse, and completed major landscaping and indoor repair projects. In one day, the volunteers saved the organization $50,000 in improvements. 

Civic Groups Help Evanston As a Whole

The Evanston Youth Club is a positive place for local youth to hang out, but it also has an impact on the greater economy. Kids and parents are more connected to the region, improving the quality of life. Teens stay engaged in school and develop goals for their future careers. Volunteers feel involved in the town they live in. Even businesses benefit from the increased workforce that comes with operating in a highly desirable area that more people are moving to.

“Our organization has become a pillar in our community,” says West. As we provide quality programs that are teaching youth to become their best self, they are learning to give back to the community, and be good, productive citizens.”

Get Involved With the Evanston Youth Club Today

If you are looking to connect with the Evanston community, there are multiple ways to get involved. Attend the Annual Fundraising Dinner on Friday, May 17th for just $25. You can meet Evanston residents and discover additional volunteer opportunities. The Evanston Youth Club is also hosting a Back to School Carnival where they give out backpacks, school supplies, and hygiene items. The event also provides free haircuts and sports physicals.

“The Evanston Youth Club is a great place to start with volunteering in the area,” says O’Neill. “But you can also work with other groups that tap into your interests and expertise. There are dozens of ways to volunteer in Evanston.”

Evanston is a great place to live and do business. Follow the Evanston Economic Development Association to learn more about this wonderful community. Discover why your organization should move to the area and why your employees are happy to live here.