Visit Evanston Will Spend $300,000 to Bring Tourists to the Region This Year

18 Apr 2024

Wyoming has been the best-kept secret of nature lovers and hikers for years, but the team at Visit Evanston doesn’t want it to be a secret anymore. The organization will spend $300,000 in 2024 to attract visitors to the region, encouraging them to stay, play, and relax in Evanston.  

“Tourism plays a significant role in Evanston, contributing immensely to the city's economic prosperity,” says Tammy Staley, Executive Director at the Evanston Chamber of Commerce. “The annual economic impact of tourism in Evanston is substantial, attracting a diverse range of visitors who not only bring in revenue but also contribute to the city's vibrant atmosphere.”

Learn more about the efforts of the local tourism board to attract people to Evanston and how these visitors send ripple effects through the economy. 

Visitors Come for the Nature and Stay for the Culture

Wyoming is one of the top places in the country for anyone who wants to enjoy the Great Outdoors. Evanston offers natural beauty and recreational opportunities, enticing visitors to explore, engage, and unwind in this picturesque destination.

This hidden gem beckons visitors with its blend of historical allure and breathtaking natural landscapes. According to Staley, the city's appeal lies in its rich historical attractions and scenic wonders. From the Rio Oso Mountain Bike Trails to the majestic Uinta Mountains, from tranquil lakes and rivers to picturesque hiking trails, and from the unique wildlife at Bear River State Park to the rare sight of the white buffalo, Evanston offers a diverse range of experiences for every traveler. Whether you seek adventure, history, or a peaceful retreat, Evanston promises to deliver an unforgettable destination that caters to all interests.

Tourism Directly and Indirectly Benefits the Evanston Economy

The marketing budget at Visit Evanston is set with clear investment goals in mind. Visitors to the region make several economic impacts that boost the local community. First, tourists pump money into the economy by supporting small businesses. They dine at local restaurants, drink at bars and coffee shops, and stay in locally-owned hotels.

The direct impact on local businesses has a secondary impact on Evanston. The tourist dollars allow companies to hire employees who reinvest their paychecks in Evanston businesses. Tourism also allows these businesses to hire local vendors, supporting firms that provide business services as well.

Finally, tourists pay a lodging tax when they stay overnight and pay sales tax on goods and services. These tax dollars allow governing bodies to provide better services to residents.

“Investing in tourism marketing for Evanston is well worth the cost,” says Rocco O'Neill, Director of Community and Economic Development for the City of Evanston. “Weekend visitors and day trippers play a significant role in our economy.”  

The New Visit Evanston Website Will Help Visitors Plan Their Trips

In 2023, Visit Evanston debuted a new website,, to attract more visitors to the area and help them plan their vacation getaways. This new look is designed to help people discover what to do, where to stay, and what to eat and drink in Evanston.

“The Evanston Lodging Board and Chamber of Commerce have set forth goals to enhance the city's appeal as a tourist destination,” says Staley. These goals aim to showcase Evanston's unique attractions, improve visitor experiences, and foster a welcoming environment for all who visit.”

This is just one piece of the marketing puzzle for bringing people to Evanston. Not only is the website a tool for tourists, but it can also serve as an opportunity for local businesses to market themselves to new customers.

“The team at Visit Eanston is taking a comprehensive approach to marketing this town to potential visitors,” says O'Neill. “We expect the number of tourists to the region to grow as more people discover our beautiful corner of Wyoming.”

Tourism is just one economic driver in Evanston. To learn more about the other Economic Development efforts in the region, check out You can also follow the Evanston Economic Development efforts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.