Evanston-Uinta County Airport; Land Leases Available and in Demand

Evanston-Uinta County Airport; Land Leases Available and in Demand Main Photo

22 Aug 2023


In the last year, The Evanston-Uinta County Airport facilitated the construction of three private hangars. Because of the airport’s proximity to the Wasatch Front, the airport is in a prime location for private hangar space and has recently seen an increase in demand for the space. 

As a general aviation (GA) airport, The Evanston-Uinta County Airport serves a distinct purpose in the region. While GA airports are typically smaller than commercial airports, they provide crucial services and unique economic possibilities for the cities and regions they inhabit. Gary Welling, GIS Coordinator at Uinta County, states, “Our GA airport is very important to the area as it provides private air hangar space and public access for emergencies like life flight. There’s also the business potential of exporting and importing goods through air service, and many other aspects of the needs of the FAA and WYDOT–like safety landing during emergencies and travel destinations for government business.”

In addition to the services it supplies for the region, GA airports can also offer private rental space. Welling shares, “We’re seeing more and more pressure from the Wasatch Front for hangar space. We currently have hangars we own that are available for rent. More and more are also interested in building their hangar and leasing the land for a long time – even 30+ years in some cases.” Due to hangar space being in high demand, available hangars at the airport are presently full. 

Evanston, Wyoming: A Strategic Regional Location

The Evanston-Uinta County Airport serves the aviation needs of southwest Wyoming and northern Utah. The airport is a full-service fixed-based operator (FBO) and provides fuel, maintenance, and flight instruction. Conveniently located close to Salt Lake City but not within the congested airspace of the Ogden-Salt Lake City-Provo corridor, the airport is in an excellent location. Additionally, Evanston brings unique development and economic opportunities to the Wasatch Front. Affordable shovel-ready sites and the absence of corporate taxes make Evanston an ideal site for new businesses wanting to locate near hubs like Salt Lake City. For these reasons, the airport sees a considerable amount of activity.

Evanston-Uinta County Airport is Indicative of a Growing Economy 

Due to its location and the initiatives within the broader region, the Evanston-Uinta County Airport has seen notable traffic and has the potential for more. Welling states, “Our little airport has seen a significant amount of activity in the area, and as more and more development impacts this area, it brings more awareness from the surrounding regions– especially the Wasatch front, which is growing fast. Offering land leases to those who want to build brings commitment and ownership to the area, and shows that we are willing to continue this growth”

Evanston and Uinta County present opportunities for many businesses looking to develop within the county. To learn more about available economic incentives within the region, click here

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