Evanston, an Ideal Location for Remote Workers

Evanston, an Ideal Location for Remote Workers Main Photo

24 Mar 2021


Surrounded by the rugged Uinta Mountains, and graced by the beautiful Bear River, Evanston is an idyllic community with a well preserved, historic downtown. It offers a sense of place and pride that many other small communities have lost. Its railroad history adds to that distinction. Not only is Evanston open for business, and with room to grow, it has become an ideal place for remote workers. The location is central to every amenity, and the interstate highway and rail line runs straight through. Both Park City, and Salt Lake City, Utah are only a little over an hour away, and driving to SLC International Airport is easy. 

One of Evanston’s executive level remote professionals is Rick Lunsford, Director of Business Development for Mears Pipeline & Facilities, a subsidiary of Quanta, which provides a myriad of energy related infrastructure solutions. 

According to Lunsford remote working arrangements are becoming more and more common in Evanston as people discover its convenience and location are perfect. Lunsford’s job would have been impossible to do from a distance not long ago. 

“My core responsibility is to keep work in front of our field construction employees,” he says. “I look for new construction projects and try to make sure that Mears has the opportunity to bid on the work. This is primarily accomplished through relationships and communication with our clients. Pre-covid, my time was spent traveling and meeting face to face with clients. This could be anything from a formal presentation on the top floor of a Houston office building to a day on the golf course with clients or potential clients. Maintaining relationships and making sure that our customers think of us when they need something done is my job. Finding and fostering relationships with new clients is also a big part of what I do.”

A native of Evanston, Lunsford goes on to explain that though the face-to-face business model has changed dramatically over the last year, it has been changing for years with constant improvements in technology and communication platforms.  

“Instead of working from plane to rental car to office building or job site, I work from my home office. It has most certainly been an adjustment. Zoom, Teams, phone and email are now my work world. Like so many other companies, we have realized that in today’s world, many of us can do our job from anywhere with a decent Wi-fi connection.”

Lunsford says that while remote work takes discipline, he has found himself to be productive very quickly each day. Though he sometimes misses the group dynamic of a corporate setting, he enjoys the convenience of having no daily commute and a more flexible schedule. 

“With that in mind,” he is quick to add. “It takes discipline. As with most companies that are successful, those who produce are rewarded.” 

Though Lunsford works from his home office, there are a few other Mears employees who work from a small office space in Evanston. They like the fact that the city offers excellent high speed broadband, and attractive cost of living. In addition, Evanston has some sophisticated amenities including a very good championship golf course. 

“Evanston is close enough to everything without all the hassle that goes along with it,” Lunford says.”It is home! Wyoming is one of the most tax friendly states in the nation and we have room to breathe.”