Evanston Arts and Culture

Evanston and Uinta County recognize the important role of arts and culture in the community. Whether you are searching for a theater experience, or have a yearning to learn more about the history of the beautiful area, there’s something for everyone. 

You don’t have to travel far to find a night filled with rich, local community theater. The community theatrical company was originally endowed with seed money from the Uinta Arts Council. 

Performances have been staged in the newly renovated Evanston Cultural Center at The Strand Theater thanks to the Evanston Urban Renewal and Main Street. Productions include “When Dorothy Meets Alice in Wonderland” and “Visiting Mr. Green.”

A greater appreciation for The Arts can be found thanks to Carolee Bowen. With a yearning to bring professional artists into the community to create special educational opportunities for music students, the organization formed in 1998 and became an official nonprofit organization. The values of The Arts include providing quality events to enrich lives, educational entertainment, and activities that inspire participation. Currently, The Arts is run completely by the local community and events are held at schools and in the charming downtown area.

A lovely day filled with new learning can be spent on a walking tour of Historic Downtown Evanston. Take in a deeper understanding of Evanston’s oldest structures, and their connection with the community. Visit The Chinese Joss House Museum to appreciate the many contributions the Chinese citizens made to Evanston. Find a unique and special treasure, including custom gift baskets and home decorations, created by local artists within the appealing shops on Main Street. 

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Arts and Culture

Sagebrush Theater Photo

Sagebrush Theater

The Arts Inc. Photo

The Arts Inc.

Cinco de Mayo Photo

Cinco de Mayo

Hunters’ Widows Night Out Photo

Hunters’ Widows Night Out

Main Street Amazing Race Photo

Main Street Amazing Race

Music in the Air at Depot Express Photo

Music in the Air at Depot Express

Uinta County Museum Photo

Uinta County Museum

Chinese Joss House Museum Photo

Chinese Joss House Museum

Evanston Cowboy Days Photo

Evanston Cowboy Days

Strand Theater Photo

Strand Theater

Evanston Roundhouse and Railyards Photo

Evanston Roundhouse and Railyards

Celtic Festival Photo

Celtic Festival

Carnegie Library Photo

Carnegie Library

Historic Depot Square Photo

Historic Depot Square

Beeman-Cashin Building Photo

Beeman-Cashin Building